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Robotics Training Solutions for industry 4.0

Since 1982, Intelitek has been a pioneer in robotic training systems for industrial robotics. Now, also in partnership with Yaskawa MotoMan Robotics, Intelitek continues to deliver market leading solutions for schools to prepare graduates for careers in industry, manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Smart Factories. Intelitek combines skill-based training and curriculum, a comprehensive range of competencies, with hands-on workshops that prepare students for jobs in modern industry.

Software and Simulation:

Scale robotic education to all students with simulation
Robotic simulation s/w and h/w scale training to more students who can learn on life like systems before graduating to real hardware. Programs developed in simulation can be tested later n real hardware. Classroom simulators can use real Programming Pendants.

Educational Carts:

Easy to use, all inclusive, mobile training stations
Preconfigured robotics carts enable easy classroom setup and reliability. Training carts offer opportunity to train beginers and enable advanced users to learn integration. With student safety the primary concern, these solutions include multiple safety features for classroom use.

Training & Certification:

Train the trainer, certify the student
Intelitek and Yaskawa curriculum, training and train the trainer programs guide educators and students through comprehensive learning paths and culminate with certification recognized by industry manufacturers worldwide.