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The JobMaster® Industrial Maintenance Training teaches the specialized skills required for today’s industrial technicians. JobMaster provides a superior blended learning solution for mechatronics and industrial maintenance training by combining industrial-grade components with engaging e-learning content.

Quality Hardware
No other training system provides exposure to industry-standard practices like JobMaster, with hardware platforms consisting of industry-standard components.

  • From VFDs to solar-voltaic cells, all components are sourced from the same suppliers used by industry.
  • All wiring includes frame-mounted industry-standard conduit and is terminated with crimped ferrules, like those found in industry. This allows students to learn the wiring techniques and skills critically needed by industry.

Skill-based E-learning Content

  • JobMaster curriculum is skill-based, developed by industry experts from Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of sectors.
  • Self-paced e-learning curriculum reinforces concepts by guiding students through skill-based activities using the hardware.

Skill-based training consists of individual exercises that reproduce essential tasks performed by maintenance technicians, equipment operators, and machine repairmen. Each skill has been analyzed and field-tested by qualified maintenance technicians to teach the specific skills needed in the industrial environment.

Self-paced interactive content is deployed through the robust learning management system (LMS). The LearnMate LMS provides everything needed for the ultimate blended learning experience:

  • SCORM-compliant interactive content
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Student and class management
  • Grade tracking
  • Skill/competency reporting mapped to national academic skill standards