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Helpful Tips:

1. Wear eye protection! This is very important, just as you wouldn’t look directly at the sun any other time. There are many easy to make or even free different types of eye protection available. And your normal sunglasses won’t cut it; they don’t offer a strong enough protection for an eclipse.


2. Get to your spot early. This is a big event for the U.S. and there won’t be one for quite a while so if you haven’t already made your plans, you had better get started.


3. In addition to eye protection, don’t forget about your camera if you plan on photographing the event. You’ll need to use a solar filter to protect your cameras lens. This includes your smartphone. You can find more resources here: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov  or  eclipse2017.nasa.gov .

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This month we have 3 different projects that all relate to the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.


1. Build a DIY Solar Viewer. This will give you the opportunity to safely view the eclipse in an inexpensive manner.

Follow the link to the Eclipse 2017 website:



2. Make a sun funnel.

This is another way you can safely view the eclipse.



3. 3D Printable Pinhole Projectors.

These can be personalized to the state that you are viewing the event in. You can download the files here:


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